Super Bowl, Warsaw and SaniKan

by Mike Sheahan

H ere at The Goods, we sincerely wish that you've all been taking your vitamins and getting plenty of rest, for the coming week is sure to be epic enough that it will be discussed for a long time. Maybe even until mid-March. Not only does this week find us ready to fall squarely into the lap of 2004's Snowdown revelry, but Sunday brings us the 38th NFL Super Bowl. The combination of the two should leave us a town exhausted and sputtering on fumes. If New Mexico ever thought about invading Durango and annexing it as a Farmington suburb, next Monday would be the time. No one will have the energy to put up a proper fight.

Super Bowl Sunday alone is a day worthy of national holiday status. It is on this day that the entire nation shuts down and everyone becomes a football fan. Even those "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" guys.

In spite of the fact that this year's big game match up (Panthers vs. Patriots) is about as compelling as a "Queer Eye" episode, the entire country will simultaneously tune in, eat plenty of nachos and drink plenty more beer. For one all-too-short afternoon, it will be as if the entire country is little more than a giant frat house living room. If we don't all engage in this most patriotic of activities, then truly, the terrorists will have won. It is our duty as Americans to get tanked up on cheap beer and stay tuned in to what is sure to be an insipid half-time show featuring the likes of Janet Jackson and Kid Rock. Now sit right down on the divan, young trooper, and do your country proud!

On a more local front, Snowdown is raging all around us and these are a few suggestions to divert you from thinking about all the time and money you spent (or tried to spend) getting Follies tickets.

Thursday, Jan. 29, a big Snowdown highlight will be Kave Krooner Karaoke (initials KKK) at the Wildhorse Saloon. This is the time to get your pipes tuned up and impress the judges with your version of "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" or some Toby Keith song. Cash prizes will be awarded to the people who can best sing someone else's song and the to-do gets doing at 7 p.m.

On Friday night, Storyville hosts the return of the South Austin Jug Band . This Texas bluegrass band of relative youngsters comfortably cradles the fine line that separates real bluegrass from the more modern and jammy newgrass. Normally, the lines are clearly drawn, you're either old-school or jam, no questions asked. The South Austin Jug Band is a rare example of a group that can pull off both styles without selling either short. The result is a sound that appeals to, and should attract, a large audience. Show time is 9:30 p.m. on the nose.

Saturday, Jan 31, brings a couple of fun-like ideas to the entertainment table. To start, Gazpacho's hosts a Port-a-Potty Stuffing at 4 p.m. The idea is to cram as many of your smaller-boned friends in to one of those rent-a-johns we see everywhere. Yes, these are the same cans that force you into the nearby forest at music festivals and make you cringe as you drive by construction sites, but I've heard there's room for at least one person in the bottom "compartment." Good luck SaniKan stuffers.


Later that same night, the Summit presents ska legends Warsaw , a local favorite. The twice yearly visitors will skank pridefully as the Summit dance floor bounces up and down like a trampoline. Sometimes it's hard to be on that dance floor without wondering how long it'll take before the whole lot is dancing in Diorio's one floor down. This show should be a great antidote, or addition, to the extended madness of Snowdown Saturday.

Website of the Week: In these times of jingoistic faux patriotism and with a presidential election looming, many left-leaning potential voters may be wondering who will tell us what to think. Without Ralph Nader this time around, I feel many of my liberal comrades are lost in a sea of rhetoric and wacky ideas. Author, director and receiver of boos at last year's Academy Awards, Michael Moore hosts a website that will help even the most wayward liberal find his way. Aptly addressed , the site has long been a staple of my weekly web surfing. He's insightful, hilarious and serves up a healthy dose of criticism of the beady-eyed creep currently at this country's helm.

This Week's Album: There are three solid reasons to dislike the self titled junior release by the indie rock group Phantom Planet . First there is the band's association with movie star Jason Shwartzman (Keanu Reaves' Dogstar anyone?). Next comes the fact that the band is responsible for the theme song for a FOX TV night time soap opera and that, at times, they sound like The Strokes' little brothers. Still, Phantom Planet is able to combine its obvious New York garage influence and 1980s pop star yearnings with enough gritty originality to make a few listens worthwhile.

It's not the band's fault if some mouth-breathing, mono brow head at FOX wanted to put Phantom Planet's song on TV. It is, though, the band's fault for not finding its own voice after three albums. If, for some reason, you haven't heard enough so-called modern New York garage music, then pick up Phantom Planet. Otherwise, dig a little deeper and find something by the Sonics or The Count 5. Even though Phantom Planet is hardly doing anything new, it does it with enough style to make it fun for a while.

Patriots-34, Panthers-10.




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