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Bush's Banana Republic

To the Editors,

Greetings from the New Banana Republic, presided over by El Presidente George Herbert Hoover Bush. Because we are ignoring global warming, we may soon start raising bananas! Why a "Banana Republic"? Because:

1) We have the worst national debt we have ever had. (Don't our citizens understand that our children and grandchildren must pay that back, plus interest?) So, our dollar is losing value internationally. Oh where are all the traditional conservatives who hate debt or did?

2) We have a new oligarchy with the rich getting richer and the poor, poorer. We also have an "oil-igarchy" with two oil men running the country. So, carbon-dioxide emissions are increasing and there are no incentives for fuel efficient autos.

3) Bush lowers taxes on the wealthy when we have serious needs in education, health care, infrastructure, welfare, etc.

4) We are losing our democracy while becoming a "corporatorship," as CEO's are buying elections and moving their manufacturing overseas, with its cheap labor.

5) Mr. Bush has us in a so called "war" we can't win. A war that sacrifices our fine solders and America's wealth without sound justification. Seeking and capturing Sadam Hussein was a diversion away from pursuit of international terrorists. Terrorism is increasing.

6) We have lost 71 percent of our European friends who protested our invasion of Iraq. Worldwide, 15 million folks protested the invasion. They resent our arrogance.

7) Environmental laws that took decades to establish are being ignored. The Administration operates in secrecy to hide its deceptive actions. Bush's "Clear Skies" initiatives are clear lies.

8) Mr. Bush wants to trample on many working people by eliminating their overtime pay.

9) Bush said he would unite our country. Instead he has created two bitterly opposing camps.

Wake up America, while we still have something left of our wonderful country.

Ilene Younghein, via e-mail





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