Sell Out, Jimmy Buffet and Swingin' Chicks

by Mike Sheahan

J ust when our winter with its near zero temperatures, icy streets and jerks who don't shovel their sidewalks seemed it couldn't get any worse, Britney Spears hauls off and gets married. Certainly the news is not worthy of the front page treatment most media outlets gave it, but word of the young tart's betrothal left men around the world with one less far-fetched fantasy. Even though the marriage was squashed the next day, the damage had already been done. Now millions of men, and Madonna, can only hope that the next American Idol crop coughs up something promising.

Looking closer to home, the coming week's entertainment roster seems as bleak as the future of Britney's new ex-husband. If you were one of the suckers, I mean lucky people, fortunate enough to get a second mortgage on your house in order to purchase tickets for the Steve Earle show at the Abbey Theatre on Monday, said bleakness doesn't include you. You are set for the week. Not only is the show going to be spectacular, but your week's nighttime fun budget will be blown on a one-night stand so you have no choice. But, if like most Durangoans you missed the Steve Earle boat, the alternative pickins are a bit slim, but a little digging yields some fun to be had.

Barely old enough to order a drink at the bar, blues guitarist Alex Maryol will bring his Stevie Ray Vaughn informed style to the Scoot •Blues stage on Friday. Never mind the young player's age, Maryol can bust it out like a seasoned veteran. The Santa Fe resident's visits are somewhat regular, but that shouldn't stop you from dropping in. Maryol is sure to bring the house down.

Scoot 'n' Blues keeps the love flowing the next night, Saturday, Jan. 10, with a " Jimmy Buffett Island Party ." DJ Ol' Skool (for real) will spin Buffett songs and island tracks while patrons enjoy a bikini contest. Believe me, I am not just making stuff up to fill space. I know it's suddenly 2004, but it seems bikini contests have not yet been banned by the Supreme Court. I may go in case, weeks later, I bump into a bikini contestant at Wal-Mart buying a case of Ding Dongs and say, "Didn't I see you ... ?" Hilarity shall ensue.

Jam music fans need not despair this week, the Summit has you covered. Aftergrass , a group self-described as "chameleonic" will handle the Summit stage on Saturday, Jan 10. I assume the chameleon reference describes an ability to change sound at will rather than the more chameleon-like ability to blend in with the background, but either way one should expect a jammin' great time.

There it is, your week in quick print. Good luck and don't fret, I have it on solid authority that next week begins a turn around that'll make your wallet, or purse, spin.

Website of the Week: If you have ever wondered what ever happened to Tina Louise who played Ginger on "Gilligan's Island" or if Sandra Dee was actually a real person, then is the web site for you. A veritable wealth of information, swinginchicks provides bios of 176 singing, acting or otherwise known women who came up in the '60s. It's all done in a tasteful manner, the swingin' chicks covered are afforded much respect, but the goofy decade called the '60s doesn't get such love. The site's graphics are hyper groovy, and it's clear that fun is being poked at the day-glo, saccharin pop culture of those years. Oddly enough, and according to, this Friday, Jan. 9, marks the 39th wedding anniversary of ex-mouseketeer Annette Funicello. The news surely created a response similar to last week's wedding of a certain ex-mouse club member named Britney. Hmm, swingin chicks of the 2000's anyone?

Annette or Britney: Who's hotter?




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