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Another view of animal control

Dear Editors,
James Tekton asks "What part of this action was love?" regarding the impounding of his dog (Soapbox, Dec.25, 2003.) May I suggest an alternative scenario to the terrorism he alludes to in his letter. An angel was sent wearing an animal control uniform, to rescue a dog from the naivet`E9 of its owner and the possible clutches of a real dog thief.

Phyllis Stapler,


Bottled water boom impacts


I just read that America's increased water consumption might be healthy, but the plastic bottles so much of our water comes from are not. Last year alone, according to an article in USA Today , more than 93 billion plastic water bottles wound up in U.S. landfills. Placed end to end, that's enough bottles to reach the moon and back 38 times.

Nationally, the clear plastic bottles dumped into landfills annually could provide enough recycled material for3.3 billion ski jackets or 546 million sleeping bags. California's Conservation Department is offering shoppers an online national "green gift guide" in hopes consumers will be more likely to recycle and buy recycled products thus spurring more use of recycled material by manufacturers. One example: L.L. Beans's Adirondack chairs made from recycled plastic jugs.

Janie Trenary,

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