From bagels to baguettes, cinnamon rolls to croissants, the tantalizing taste of freshly baked goods is never far off in Durango. Without these mouth-watering morning confections, the morning coffee just wouldn’t be the same. Luckily, Durango's baking establishments provide a wealth of breads and pastries to help temper any caffeine addiction. So tip your mug to the early morning crews who brave those ungodly cold hours to deliver the goods, fresh and warm, to the carbo-craving masses.

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Peter Demain rolls dough behind a row of large mixers at Jean-Pierre Bakery.

The bright colors and enticing aromas in the entrance to the Jean-Pierre bakery generate a ravenous appetite.

A table full of dough gets a dusting of flour at Carvers.

John Schwarz, owner of Durango Bagel, rolls a fresh batch of cinnamon  raisin bagels Monday afternoon.

Scott Gilbert, left, and Chris Crowl work a busy Tuesday morning at Bread.

Arch works furiously to flatten a pile of dough at Carvers.

Aaron Seitz, left, and "Arch," right, put a batch of flatbread though the sheeter early Tuesday morning at Carvers.

Bernard Castellani, of Bread, places a couple of loaves in the oven.





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