They often go unnoticed as you make your way through downtown
Durango, staring down at you as you go about your business. Or
perhaps you take their spark of color for granted as you make your
way past stop signs and traffic lights. Yet, stop and look, and you’ll
notice that virtually every corner, nook and cranny of our downtown
has one. We are, of course, talking about the multitude of murals
that grace the walls and byways lining our city streets. Whether portraying
events, real or imagined, or just serving as billboards, they
shed light on the unique and colorful history of our town.

(mouse over photos for captions)

The ink-on-vinyl "reCollections" mural by lead artist Judith F. Baca dwarfs people along East Second Avenue.

A pair of holiday shoppers pass the Jack Dempsey mural outside El Rancho.

A larger-than-life-sized pelican takes flight over downtown.

The Michelin Man waves to passersby from his perch on Main and 12th.








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