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Those aren't contrails

Dear Editors:

Have you ever noticed the criss-crossing all over the sky?

Now my good peoples please try to understand this sad and real news. Those chemtrails are killing you, and making us all sick. You ask, what do you mean? When this government passed the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, Space Based Weapons Act, and along with all the other draconian acts, they gave themselves permission to experiment on the unsuspecting public at large. The Act actually gives permission to use chemical and biological experimentation on the American people.

The amounts of evidence out there is overwhelming, and all one has to do is put in Chemtrails into the search engine on you computer, and you will find more information than you can possibly handle.

There is a difference between a "contrail" and a "chemtrail."

A contrail is only heated H2O, and like steam, it normally disappears after the jet passes. These are what we grew up with, and never gave the issue a second thought.

In these days, if you ever take the time to watch, and look up, you will notice these chemtrails come from the jets, and if one watches it for a while, you will see it expand out to form a wide, long cirrus cloud like formation. If one continues to watch these killer chemtrails, not only will you see more being made on a heavy Chemtrail day, but you will see them just turn into cloud like formations.

Ah, but are they clouds? Evidence has shown that these chemtrails are a concoction of different pathogenic and cancer-causing materials. They have been shown to contain barium, aluminum oxides and iron oxides plus a host of other ghastly sickening materials.

Remembering back to the early morning of 11-2-03, this reporter had noticed a heavy day of chemtrail spraying the previous Saturday. If one had been up at the early time of 6:30 a.m., they would have seen the long, eerie, foggy cloud hanging just over the city of Durango. It had come down right on the city and was reminiscent of a fog bank on the West Coast.

In the coffee shops it was noticed that many of the customers were showing the first stages of poisoning and had a scratchy cough in the throat. This was confirmed after interviewing several of the different people that were coughing. I also felt the oncoming symptoms. Then it hit a 102 fever, and all the rest of the flu symptoms that one may have felt if the flu was experienced.

Chemtrails, which have been shown to contain a bizarre cocktail of fungi, pathogens, germs and cancer-causing agents, will just hang there and widen slowly and finally appear to turn into a Cirrus type of cloud. Unfortunately, for the innocent public across the nation, these killer clouds have a far more ominous reason for being sprayed on the mass of people below. Has anyone ever wondered why all the pharmaceutical products go on sale just before a major outbreak? And those same pharmaceutical companies run by ex-nazis really push those tainted vaccines also. But don't worry, they are just as safe as the small pox shot that 95 percent of police and fireman across the nation refused to take. The vaccines have also actually killed many of our fine serviceman and recently a woman. All for the sakes of profits and the population control agenda of the UN. The Bushes are highly involved in the pharmaceutical companies just as sure as they have done business with the Bin Laden family for so many years.

Do your homework people, and wake up to this horror even though it is probably too late for so many of us. Maybe by speaking up about this and searching out the information for yourself, you will awaken to this ugly chemical warfare upon the whole of this world that has plagued us all for over six years.

- Rose King

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