Macaroni and cheese. Peanut butter and jelly. Beer and pizza – just a few of the great gastronomical combinations of all time. Yet, nothing sends the taste buds into overdrive quite like a hot, fresh slice of pepperoni and an ice cold beer – or even a cold slice and warm beer, come to think of it. Add to this everything from extreme skiing videos to gourmet sun-dried tomato and Alaskan Sea Bass, and you’ve got yourself a pizza dining experience that rarely fails to disappoint or at least entertain. So here’s to the culinary wizardry of our local pizza spinners, who faithfully deliver two of America’s favorite pasttimes to the clamoring masses, all while managing not to get too crusty.

(mouse over photos for captions)

Melissa Willoughby spins a pizza at Dirorio's just after the lunch rush recently.

A fresh batch of sauce warms up on the stove at Homeslice Pizza.

A slice of pizza and a handful of rolls wait to be consumed as bill Bercheni works in the Homeslice kitchen.

Melissa Willoughby and her evil twin pull a pair of pies from the over at Dirorio's.  (Caution: This photo has been digitally altered. Never believe what you see.  Damn photographers!)

A tub of ice cold beer cools at J. Bo's Pizza Monday afternoon.

Paul Geoghan chops up frech basil at Homeslice.





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