The clouds are starting to open up; the snow is beginning to fall; and opening day is right around the corner. It’s time to pull the board out of the garage, dust off the skis and get your gear primed for the upcoming season. Whether you get your sticks tuned by a local ski shop professional or choose to grunt it out on the home workbench, there’s nothing like sharp edges and a fresh coat of wax. Think snow in 2004.

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A pair of K2s gets the summer rust removed at the Ski Barn.

Ben Peterson, of Second Avenue Sports, sends a snowboard through the belt sander Friday.

Brian Quillin, of the Ski Barn, runs a pair of skis through the belt sander.

A ski gets a fresh, hot coat of wax at Second Ave. Sports.

A rack full of wax sits by Pine Needle Mountaineering's shop for those who prefer to tune their own gear.


Ryan Raymond, of Pine Needle, prepares a skate ski for a fresh coat of wax.

Ski tech Ryan Raymond puts the finishing touches on a skate ski at Pine Needle.







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