From The Groove Thang to The Chicken Paul Head Radio Show to Dirt
Road Dreams, the volunteer disc jockeys at Fort Lewis College radio
station KDUR never fail to deliver a wealth of music to both calm the
nerves and shock the system. Heard on 91.9 and 93.9, KDUR provides
background music to Durango as well as a variety of alternative news
programs. With a multitude of musical genres being broadcast daily,
the KDUR listener is rarely bored or uninformed.

(mouse over photos for captions)

Station Manager Nancy Stoffer takes one last spin on an Electra Cruiser donated as a premium
by the Durango Cyclery before its handed over to its new owner.
Ian Brighton shuffles discs as his program “The All Good Jazz Show” comes to a conclusion.

A collection of posters tacked to a cork board greets people as they enter the KDUR offices.

KDUR lays claim to a Coheed and Cambria album cover.

News director Tyson Nelson and assistant Katie Hanson put together 'Dispatches', a student run weekly news program.

Hot mic: A KDUR microphone as seen in a different light.

From behind a wall of discs, DJ Jon Lynch prepares for his program 'Audience of One.'









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