Runner's high

The Rocky Mountain Festival for Runners returned to Durango last weekend with a collection of new events and plenty of activities for runners and spectators alike. The weekend began at the Durango Recreation Center with the Mercy Medical Center Health and Fitness Expo and the Telegraph Trail 25K and 50K. The Durango Marathon, the festival’s main event, began Sunday morning at Fort Lewis College and finished amongst the Harvest Block Party in downtown Durango on Main Avenue. Shawn Nixon, of Monte Vista, flew though the 26.2 mile course to win the men’s race in 2:49:51, while Barbarann Mallory, of Littleton, hammered her female competitors with a time of 3:08:35. While spectators awaited racers to come in, they looked over the wares of local gear shops, which set up at the block party in the hopes of luring wistful skiers and snowboarders.

(mouse over photos for captions)

Karen Scott leads a group of runners toward the Telegraph Trail during Saturday's 50k trail run.

Craig Macek, of Marble, approaches mile 16 on  his way to a fourth place finish in the marathon on Sunday.  Craig completed the race in 3:09:01

A volunteer watches as a cyclist approaches the finish line of the Telegraph Trail Run of Saturday.

A mile marker near the bridge on Trimble Lane cautions passing motorists of the day's events.

A runner gives an enthusiastic wave as she approaches the marathon finish line in downtown Durango.

Bubba's bohemia VW display.

Jason Hooten browses the Ski Barn's selection of demo skis during Sunday's block party.

Men's marathon winner Shawn Nixon crosses the finish line.





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