Dear Diver,
The other night we were discussing mankind's greatest invention. L. said fire, although technically that's a discovery and not an invention.F. claims it is the television remote (but he'd consumed a fair amount of his second-favorite invention at that point.).So what's your opinion?What's the best thing humans ever invented?
- Regards,


Well, I'm a little scared of all the new technological things that are being invented, so I'd have to say that mankind's greatest invention is that packaged ham that has the cheese pre-injected into the meat. That way you get cheese in every bite! The worst: Celine Dion (although, she's not technically an invention either.)

- Yours truly,

Dear Diver,
There is one of those fancy espresso carts in the building I work in. The person that runs the cart is extremely rude and unfriendly. Is it Ok if I don't tip her based on her attitude? She doesn't bend over backwards for any customers, so why should I give her extra money? What do you think?

- Danny,
Gem Village


I'm a huge tipper. I think that waitresses need to be tipped regardless because they don't make a wage. But in this case the Crabby Lady is probably getting paid by the hour, so I think violence may be the answer. Nothing says "Be Nice" like a broken arm. If nothing else, speak with a Texan accent, then she won't expect a tip anyway.

- Enjoy your coffee,

Trey Duvall from Nini's

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Is being stoned a good excuse for stupidity?
- Wondering,


I wouldn't think so. If you find yourself becoming more and more stupid when you get stoned, it's stupid to continue to do so. Stupid is as stupid does. Please visit for more info on this topic.

- Keep on thinking,

Have you ever been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
- Ted



Hope this helps,
- Diver



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