The Down & Dirty Open

The third annual Mug Club Golf Tournament sponsored by SKA, Steamworks, Three Rivers Brewing and Carvers rolled through Hunter’s Run golf course, near Oxford, on Saturday. Themed “The Down and Dirty Open,” this year’s tournament provided five gallons of locally brewed beer at each hole to help participants successfully carry out the random array of events required to complete the course. Open to Mug Club members only, the $50 greens fee guaranteed nine holes of golf plus an endless supply of cold beer. Get your Mug Club membership now and secure your place in next year’s debauchery.

(mouse over photos for captions)

Don't shoot: The Down and Dirty Open brought out a variety of western wear and cap-gun accessories.

"2 Legit" Logan Austin ties a blindfold around Michael Gustafson prior to his tee shot on the ninth hole.

A pair of golf carts go head-to-heade in a dispute over a stray ball that landed suspiciously close to a foursome caught unawares.

On his owner's command, Hunter drops a golfer's ball after a putt that turned into a game of fetch.

A beer glass serves as an ad hoc driver near the club house at Hunter's Run.

Mug Club rowdies gather for a group shot prior to the day's decadence.

The Master of Ceremonies and Carvers head brewer, Eric Maxson gathers the troops to lay down the ground rules, which were followed very loosely.

A golfer tries to hang onto his pony while teeing off from the first hole, which was appropriately titled "Ride the Pony."





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