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Clean up local energy

Dear Editors:

LPEA's recent poll confirmed what this community, LPEA's members, desire the most clean, renewable energy options. Due to Jeff Berman's background in engineering, knowledge of sustainability solutions and passion for positive change, I believe he would be the best person to facilitate this goal. Jeff Berman would make an excellent addition to LPEA's Board by representing the member's interest in renewable energy options such as solar and wind power. I have always admired Jeff Berman's courage to stand up for what he believes and achieve numerous results, despite the size of the opposition.

Part of living in a democracy is acting on our civic responsibility to run for local boards and positions and present the topics that are not currently being addressed but that are important to our community. I applaud Jeff Berman for being the first candidate to run on a clean, renewable energy platform. Like Jeff Berman's platform, I too would like to see LPEA promote a solar panel loan program, as well as rebates and audits for energy efficiency improvements.

Polluting the air with finite resources from two states away is not a sustainable option. As a community leader, Berman can assist us in moving toward a healthy, cleaner environment. I encourage you to support Jeff Berman by voting for him on your LPEA ballot.

Michael Rendon, Durango

In memory of Monika Callard

(Editors' note: While Monika Callard was not a Durango resident, she had numerous local connections, particularly with the local culinary scene.)

On July 30, at 5:40 p.m., Monika Callard, 57, passed away in Tucson, Ariz., after a 10-month battle with cancer. She was born Jan. 2, 1946, in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Having lost all but a handful of family members in the Nazi holocaust, Monika and her immediate family escaped Czecholslovakia in 1950, on the eve of the communist takeover. After a long odyssey, including stops in Austria, England and Canada, they emmigrated to the United States in 1957 and settled in Norwich, Conn., where Monika graduated from the Norwich Free Academy in 1964.

Monika moved from New York City, where she was studying film, to Telluride in 1972 and joined her sister and brother-in-law in opening the Senate Bar and Restaurant. She met Robert Callard in Telluride, and they were married in 1975.

Monika relied on her family's European culinary background and soon gained fame with her creative fare. She went on to polish her skills in Paris and opened Telluride's first gourmet takeout, Monika's. She closed Monika's in the mid-'80s and started a catering business. In 1997, with Karen and Mike Levitas, she opened the Wildflour at the base of the Gondola.

The family may be contacted through Jim Callard, 382-2625 or 526 East Third Ave. Durango, CO, 81301.





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