Dear Diver,

I was in a mall in Denver last month. An electronics store had a camera set up in such a way that people could see themselves on TV. I noticed a lot of people would stop and make faces and wave at themselves. Why do they do that? Do you suppose they do that when they see themselves in a mirror?



I suppose everyone likes to picture themselves as a star. But when you actually see yourself on camera, you're not always as appealing as you might have thought! As far as doing that in the mirror, sure, I do that all the time. You should always be able to laugh at yourself and you might as well, because everyone else does.

Thanks, Diver

Dear Diver,

The other night a friend of my parents' accidentally spilled coffee on the dining room rug. All my mother said to him was "don't even worry about it." If I had left a stain on the rug like that, I'd get yelled at or grounded or something. Why is it OK for my mom's friend to mess up but not OK for me?



First of all, you're her kid, and you have probably done it more than once. Her friend has an accident, and you want your mother to yell at her? Jake, if you spill things a lot and get yelled at, it's your mother teaching you to never do it again. I say you're getting off easy. If it were my folks, let's just say I'd NEVER do it again.

Good luck kid,



How do I get out of paying my student loans back? They are piling up, and my college degree did NOT land me a high-paying job like I thought it would. What should I do?



Getting out of paying student loans? I don't know. If you need a lot of money I've got one name for you: Heidi Fliess. She made quite a living short term and now lives rent free!



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Dear Diver,

What should a woman do when she is in love with a new man for the first time in years, and something still sticks with her about the old love? Does this mean she is still clinging to something in the past? What can she do to fully release herself of this first love? She knows his interest was dissolved long ago, so why has he popped into her head out of nowhere again, and why can't she just fall asleep? Is she being fair to the new guy? Is she a nutcase for even daring to write this? Tell me, good Doctor, oh I mean Diver.


Dear ,

Well, I am a male and it's kind of hard for me to take all these feelings into consideration. But, I don't know what is on your mind about your past love. If nobody did it to you the way your past boyfriend did, may I suggest toys. Whatever you do, when you're talking to the new boyfriend, don't include so many feelings and emotions. It's very confusing and hard to understand.

Thanks, Diver



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