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Take long, hard look at A-LP

Dear Editors,

Kudos to Will Sands for another enlightening look at A-LP. I continue to be amused by notions, widely held, that what worked in the past will work indefinitely, with a bit of tweaking. Irrigation-dependant agriculture, for instance. I question spending megabucks on infrastructure supporting a ‘’ way of life,‘’ which makes modest and declining contribution to the regional economy. Times change: population, economics, climate all shift with no particular regard for tradition or “senior rights.” Ask the Utes. Intelligent use of resources implies recognition of changing circumstances. Growing evidence suggests dwindling water supplies due to climatic drying. Isn’t it smarter to “bank” water by pumping it back into depleted subsurface aquifers? Isn’t most economic activity in La Plata County now in nonagricultural industries? What sort of water management strategy best serves our best guess of the needs our grandchildren will face? If water is power, who is empowered by A-LP?

– J.E. DeCelles, Durango, via e-mail

Bad breath and saliva

Dear Editors:

I must applaud Kathryn Follet’s letter in the Soapbox section of last week’s paper. Thanks for pointing out what a misguided, disrespectful twirp that girl Heather is, who claimed she spit on a police officer! I think we should line her up and have cops with bad-breath spit on her for hours on end!

– Bryant Liggett, via e-mail

Better late than never

Dear Editors:

Just wanted to let you guys know that I was searching the web and came across your story from late last summer about the Southside Bear. I watched the whole thing and just couldn’t understand why the press didn’t cover the event. It was scary, comical, full of danger and excitement, and reeked of community interest.

I am delighted, though it is nearly a year later, to see that you covered the event just exactly as it should have been covered.

I will make it a point to pick up your paper, which I already believe is exceptional, and I will make sure to call you first if anything of interest happens down in my neck of the woods.

Thank you for the wonderful story!

– Suzanne Garcia, Durango




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