Totally Tubular

The Animas River has once again become an oasis for the multitude of tubers who seek out its cool waters for relief from the scorching heat of the afternoon sun. With temperatures in the high 90s, hordes of river runners equipped with the most creative of rubberized whitewa-ter craft, have taken to the now-friendly waters of the Animas. With multiple locations to enter and exit the run through town, the spectacle of bathing suit-clad pedestrians armed with all manner of floatation devices has become a common sight on the streets of Durango.


(mouse over photos for captions)

ExtremeTubing: Robert Chapman celebrates a successful run through Smelter Rapid on Monday afternoon.

Built for comfort: Air mattresses provide the perfect flotation for a pair of river runners Monday afternoon.

A faithful companion awaits the return of his owner at the 32nd Street put-in.

10-year-old Kyle Chapman hauls his tube over a shallow section of the Animas River. A woman soaks up the sun and relaxes in her tube as she floats near Rotary Park.

A family spins gently in the calm waters behind the Rec Center.




A young tuber drops over an unexpected pour-over near the 9th Street put-in.






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