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The mall treatment

Dear Editors:

I have an idea for our new hospital.

Buy the Durango Mall for a new facility. Relocate the existing stores downtown into all those vacant storefronts or to the new strip malls popping up on Florida Road. The old K-Mart could be the medical/surgery area. Penny’s would be fine for the ER and same day care area. The middle would make a great place for doctors’ offices. The mall offers plenty of parking, is centrally located and half empty. No Utes to deal with either.

This is an idea that deserves careful consideration.

– Sincerely,

Dave Weidenmiller

Shouldn't we all be conserving?

Dear Editors:

For those of us that do conserve water, it’s frustrating to drive Highway 550 between the New Mexico border and Durango and see fields being watered in the middle of the day. By the same token, downtown Durango people are watering between noon and 5pm.

At a time when Bayfield and Ignacio are considering cutting off all outdoor watering (nonagricultural), shouldn’t we all be conserving? My lawn is brown.

– J. Baird,

via e-mail




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