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Dodging the crux move

Dear Editors:

At this year's Iron Horse Downhill Mountain Bike Race, a competitor in the expert class deliberately ran down the most difficult section of the course on foot to save time. The problem that I have with this is that there were easier diversions around this section of the course for people who could not ride it. The diversions were purposely designed so that you could not ride them faster than someone could ride the difficult section (assuming no one fell) because a downhill event is a test of bike handling skills, not running speed or aerobic capacity.

To purposely dismount and run down the course to save time instead of taking one of the diversions is cheating, or so I thought. Imagine my dismay to find out that this competitor's flagrant disregard for sportsmanship was considered legal, and that he even placed third! Even worse than that, most of the people I talked to about it seemed to think it was a "smart strategy!" Last I checked cheating was considered lame. I can't believe that this guy was not booed of the course anddisqualified.

Ben Eng,

Terrorists not welcome here

To the Editors:

In response to the article "City Council May Oppose Patriot Act" published in the June 7, 2003, Durango Herald: "Mayor" Castro seems bent on addressing issues that are the constitutional responsibilities of the congress and president. One must question the motivation for her blatant and shameful campaign to force her political beliefs on the citizens of Durango. As Mayor, prioritizing and championing issues within the framework of the council's role in local government should be foremost on her agenda. When her mayorship appeared on KIUP recently, she failed to even mention this resolution as one of her priorities. One may ask, why not?

The council's proposed resolution implies that terrorists could set up a cell in Durango and local law enforcement should do nothing; i.e., " (directing) the Durango Police Department to take no action that would conflict with or impair constitutional rights and civil liberties." Does her resolution extend to those who illegally enter our country (including known terrorists) to inflict violence on innocent people? Does she really have the support of the City Council on this issue?

As one of 6,000 veterans in La Plata County, let me say that terrorists are not welcome in Durango, La Plata County, Colorado, nor anywhere in the USA! Our troops didn't die in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere to create a safe harbor for terrorists in Durango. Thankfully, we're all protected by national law, passed by our appropriate elected officials, that will prevail even if Mayor Castro's misguided political agenda is miraculously passed.

Hopefully, the City Council may find time on its agenda to address more pressing issues, such as: health care, realistic affordable housing programs and attracting more value-producing businesses here that can offer residents a decent income.

The United Veterans Council, representing veterans groups throughout Southwest Colorado, will be at the meetings to express our views. Please join us!

Ed Andersson,
Marine Corps League President,
United Veterans Council

Thanks for both sides

Dear Telegraph,

We are thankful for your article on the campus Christian group. Being active members of the community and dealing with a lot of college students, we see this group as having a positive influence. We know that on the campus, Christianity is highly rejected and everything else is accepted. Most of all, we are very thankful that you unbiasly wrote the article.Thank you so much for sharing both sides.

Austin and Laura Krokos





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