Old school

The 21st annual Animas River Days, one of the state’s premier whitewater festivals and a favorite among local paddlers, reinstated a crowd favorite at this year’s event: The Retro Rodeo. Celebrating the days of old, competitors were limited to boats 10 feet or longer and were given three oneminute heats to prove their whitewater prowess. Durango’s Jamie Bach, resplendent with water wings and a Prijon
Hurricane, won the competition with his series of stunning enders. Local old man of the river, John Brennan (believed to have invented the ender) took second, while World Freestyle Champ Eric Jackson showed he wasn’t afraid of a little air with a third-place performance.

(mouse over photos for captions)

Jamie Bach demonstrates his winning technique and fashion sense.

Eric Jackson shows the crowd how it's done Sunday during his final heat.

Sunshine and cold beverages made for a perfect day as festival goers took in the day's action.

Man overboard: John Brennan overextends his vert while trying to pull off a pirouette.

Arlo Grammatica tries to stay upright after being blown out of Smelter.

Let the games begin: Andy Corra signals the announcer to begin the competition.

Corra's Dancer makes its way downriver after its owner pulled his skirt and made a bold exit from the contest.

After a courageous attempt at whitewater canoeing, a swimmer takes a breath before heading downstream.





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