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Patriot games

(Editor’s note: The following poem was written in response to one printed in the Sunday, April 27, edition of the Durango Herald. It is printed here at the author’s request.)

I see you flexing your muscles and your guns/ Yet unaware to why the world feels on the run/ From a GOP foreign policy that puffs up its chest/ That gives dictators arms-for-oil one decade/ And bombs them the next.

Oh, and it IS about oil! Have you paid attention?/ Who do you think Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney/ Worked for, when the President was Clinton?/ Try Halliburton, Harkken; The “Big Oil” guys./ But I Digress. Did someone mention Freedom Fries?

The stock market’s down, the economy in a slump/ And Bush’s best defense is Alan Greenspan on a stump/ Telling us this week’s low number, “Buy something BIG!”/ Never mind Vets and Elderly can’t afford to live.

Why can’t you see GW’s pickin’ this fight/ To keep the media away from our nation’s plight./ Bin Laden and Saddam are weapons of distraction/ To blind us just like tossing out another interest rate fraction.

You are right though, it is how we live our lives,/ Shoving Judeo-Christian morals into their Islamic eyes./ Levi’s! McDonalds! Starbucks! That’s what these people need!/ Capitalism disguised as democracy.

Not denial, but truth from me to you

Is the only connection Iraq has to Al Qaeda is “Q.”/ I can see that my rights are being attacked,/ Secret searches, detainees, the Gestapo is back./ My main fear now isn’t Iraq, but Tom Ridge Ashcroft, and the unconstitutional Patriot Act.

Don’t forget we trained Osama to fight our own Soviet pain-in-the-neck,/ We gave him money and we gave him armor

While our own planes stayed on the deck.

In the ’80s we also sold Iraq money and guns,/ Back when Saddam and Rummy were “good-ole-boy” oil chums.

Preserving our lives against tyrants is also why/ Bullets in the Revolutionary War first did fly./ Those dissidents had their detractors, as they always do,/ While you would have worn the status quo redcoat

I would have been a Patriot then, too.

– Shane Buchanan

Missing Riker

Dear Editors:

Last Tuesday, April 22, I lost a wonderfully loyal friend, my handsome, strong, 120-pounds Alaskan Malamute, Riker. Known by several pals and pooches around town and throughout Kentucky (his birthplace), he will without a doubt be genuinely missed. Riker lived it up in the short time he was here...three months shy of being 3 years old. He left this world after being struck by a car, and with the help of his caregivers, he was allowed to rest in peace. Thanks to Dr. Stacee and her loving staff at Riverview for giving Riker a pain free exit to a world he loved so much. My dog taught me so much in his short little life, and now his death is sadly a part of that beautiful life as well. You will so be missed, little pup.

– Your bud forever, Maggie Fuller

In the bluegrass hills of Kentucky where we first met to the snow-covered mountains of Colorado, your soul shines in me as bright as the sun. I felt so close to you, I was sure I knew what you were thinking or feeling at any given moment. I watched you grow I watched you play. You taught me so much about my own life it cannot be described. The joy and happiness you brought into my life and many others I’ll keep with me forever. The world is gonna miss you pup. I Love You Riker!

– Jason Stacy





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