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Rainbow’s Dream

gather round
come people
come plant the seeds
come seed
come weed
come feed the soil.
ask the birds
to sing the songs
ask the sun to shine along
ask the clouds to bring the rains
cloudy skies come again
bless us with the moisture
melt the snows
plants to grow
rainbows know...Treasure is the land
plant seeds
grow food
feed people...Heal the Land


Whipping shitties at Harvard

(Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to a not-so-recent editorial in which Missy Votel was flying her Minnesota Wild flag.)

Dear Missy,

I am a student at Harvard University doing a research project on various linguistics useages. I found your use of the term “whipping shitties” to be odd considering the regional nature of the term. I was wondering if that was used in Colorado frequently or if you came from somewhere in the Northern Midwest where it is more popular.

If you could just explain as best you can it would be quite interesting.

-Thank You,
Alexander Greenbaum





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