Earth Day

Live music, jugglers and the smell of great food filled the air outside the Smiley Building during Saturday’s Earth Day celebration. With the goal of educating the public about the benefits of sustainability, Earth Day presenters and advocates covered a variety of topics including renewable energy and current affairs. Children’s activities and a multitude of educational booths created a festive atmosphere for young and old alike.

(mouse over photos for captions)

18-month-old Connor Fitzpatrick handles a pair of bowling pins in the foreground of the Earth Day celebrations.

12-year-old Anna Pierotti  of Durango tries to regain her juggling rhythm Saturday.


Charris Ford, aka The Granola Ayatollah of Canola, raps about the possibilities of renewable energy to the delilght of the Earth Day crowd.

7-year-old Dylan Blair attempts to master the Diablo on the lawn of the Smiley Building Saturday afternoon.

Despite cool temperatures and gray skies, Earth day participants filled the Smiley Building's walkways.

5-year-old Caleb Langford concentrates on working the square tricycle over the curved track Saturday afternoon.

Tom Bartels works the mic and helps Lisa Bodwalk give away a few aspens trees during the Earth Day raffle.

3-year-old Emery Hannum runs through a children's paradise built of twine and cardboard boxes.

Keyboardist Lawrence Nass of the Recyclers tickles the ivories during the last song of their performance.





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