Men who Cook

Professional gourmet cooks, hot-dog aficionados and carbo-loaded soccer dads joined forces at the Jarvis Suite Hotel for the Sixth Annual Men Who Cook for Women Who Wine fundraiser on April 15. The sights, sounds and smells of delectable entrees and desserts filled the hallways as participants made their way from room to room, voting for the flavors that most appealed to their pallets. Both the chefs and the attendees walked away happy from this charity event benefiting the Women’s Resource Center.

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Chocolate covered strawberries, decadent fudge and chocolate Kahlua cake were just a few of the desserts represented.

"Just" Jen and Brett Stevens of The Point radio station pose before their Sweet and Sinful room.

Jim Bryson, of the Bayfield Rednecks, sautes some beef tenderloin Saturday night.

Josh Rosenthal, of Skinny's Grill, shows off the ingredients to his crawfish and asparagus enchiladas.

Doug Hancock gestures awkwardly toward Liquor World employee Ryan McKie.

The mascot for Pigs-in-a-Blanket hangs outside the entrance to their roomful of pastry-wrapped sausages.

Captain Bill Evans and the Animal House Boys pose for a photo in front of their chocolate-dipped cheesecake.

The hallways of the Jarvis Suite Hotel were packed with ravenous participants indulging in a wide variety of cuisine and spirits.

Ryan Dodge, of Durango Mountain Resort, guards the Mexican coastal cuisine prepared by the Love Banditos.





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