Dear Diver,

It seems like people over a certain age are always talking about the good-old days. Do you suppose geezers back in those “good-old days” talked about their good-old days? Thirty years from now, will we be talking about 2003 as the good-old days?

– Chris

Dear Chris,

I’m pretty sure every generation talks about the “good-ol’ days.” I think about the good-ol’ days too, when I didn’t have to touch other people’s forks for a living.

– Thanks, Diver

Dear Diver,

Is Saddam Hussein as evil as Hitler? More importantly, is this the end of the world as we know it? (I don’t feel fine.)

– M.S., Silverton

Dear MS,

Does a bear *#@!^ in the woods? As far as the world being over... sure hope not. That would really suck!

– Thanks, Diver



My sister recently introduced me to another new boyfriend; we’ll call him “Charles.” My poor sister! Another schlep in a dead-end job that treats her awfully.

I recently had them for dinner at my house, and he constantly ordered her around. He made her take his plate from the table and had her bring him about six beers from the fridge (which cleaned me out).

How can I tell her to ditch this guy, as well as give her advice on attracting “Mr. Right?”

– Desperate for a decent brother-in-law in Durango

Dear Desperately Seeking In-Law,

Well, at least the schlep has a job. As for giving advice on how to attract “Mr. Right,” either pick him yourself or don’t complain. Maybe it floats her boat to wait on a cheezball hand and foot.

– Good luck, Diver


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Dear Diver,

How come there are still some people out there who don’t recycle? It’s quite easy, and we all know it’s good for our planet. Is putting your cans and bottles into a separate container and having them picked up, or in a not-so-worse-case scenario, driving them to the recycling center, really that much of a hassle? Are people that lazy?

– Just wondering,

Mac via e-mail

Well Mac,

People these days have become so lazy that they have invented a robot that will check the mail. While others don’t seem to care since they won’t be around to see the effects of recycling. As long as you do your part and get the people around you to do the same, it will catch on. Don’t lose hope!

– Thanks, Diver


I’m sure you’ve often had to deal with customers in your profession, let me ask you this. Is the customer always right? In a town like this, which is service oriented and gets a lot of obnoxious tourists in our restaurants and hotels, is that statement true? Sometimes, I think not, yet I swallow my pride for an extra .01 percent in my tip. One day I may burst and lose it on a family from suburban Houston.

– Your thoughts?

Lance, Durango

Dear Lance,

Of course the customer is not always right! We don’t let them know that though. Like you said, most are obnoxious tourists who are totally clueless. Don’t go postal on them, just smile and nod.

– Enjoy that tip! Diver



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