On parade

Snowdown’s annual Light Parade signaled one of the high points of Durango’s annual winter celebration Friday evening. The float procession began with a bang as fireworks exploded over the heads of festival goers who lined Main Ave. well before dark to get prime viewing positions. Live music, walls of flame and costume-clad crazies made downtown a sight to behold. The weekend’s remaining events included everything from a balloon rally to downhill kayak racing.

(mouse over photos for captions)

A torch bearer swings her flames in the air to the delight of parade fans.

Look but don't touch: Mark Trillanes, of the Red Cedar Gathering Co., takes time to show off his feminine physique.

I'm too sexy for my bongos: Despite cool temperatures, many parade goers shed their clothes in keeping with the Carnaval theme.

A young jester hangs onto the back of her float as the parade heads north up Main Avenue.

A hot-air balloon's burner catches the eye of a young Carnaval enthusiast.

A participant makes her way to her float prior to the start of the parade.

Several floats, such as this one, included live music.

Beads were in high demand from the crowds lining the parade route.

A clown entertains a young group of Snowdown partiers.





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