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Return of the Jugs

Dear Telegraph and Readers,

It seems that just as we were breathing a sigh of relief as the “Jugs and Hardtails” signage was lowered off the Harley shop on College Drive, other marketing geniuses were hard at work. The Three Rivers Brewery in Farmington has come up with a stellar promotional campaign, only it seems that the owners forgot they are serving beer and food, not juvenile male entertainment. The advertising offense broadsided me and my dining company last Sunday when a tip tray was placed on our table displaying a sticker, featuring a bare-breasted woman. Not a big deal. However, this woman just happened to be riding the high-hard-one, fashioned as a beer tap, having a good, old time with the (original) quip above her saying, “Nice Jugs.” In case this wasn’t just plain dumb enough, there was another clever line saying, “Show Us Your Taps.” I voiced my concern with the management, pointing out the culture clash of this sticker and the toy corner set out for families who dine there. The bartender informed me that this should never have made it onto the tray and “up here,” meaning the dining area, as it is intended for the 21-and-older club downstairs, opening up soon. AS IF! He looked at me as if that should have been the carte blanche of excuses for such complete sexist material. Let’s hope the owners were on vacation in the Bahamas, and this was just beer inspired bravado by a few guys who are now fired. I have a sinking feeling that that is not the case. Consider this: The woman on the sticker is an illustration of a woman in particular; she is any woman; she is an image of every woman; she is your sister, girlfriend, mother, friend and daughter. Give them a call at Three Rivers Brewery in Farmington and ask for the owner, let him or her know how you feel about this truly distasteful marketing ploy.

– Beth Christie,




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