Super Sunday, haggis and T-Ride road trip

Here at the Goods, we could not be happier that Super Bowl Sunday is coming this weekend. In fact, taking part in Super Sunday is my main entertainment recommendation for the week. It’s the one day of the year that everybody is a football fan, and more importantly, it’s the one day where my lifestyle becomes accepted and adopted by almost every American. Oh yes, all across this great land many millions will sit on couches, drink beer, eat gassy foods and watch TV all day long! I cannot find words to describe the level of pride I feel on that day. People even watch the half-time show that has probably stunk since they switched from marching bands to Carol Channing in Super Bowl IV. And who can forget the Aerosmith/’NSYNC disaster of 2001? This year Shania Twain is teaming up with punk-posers No Doubt to stink up the field for 20 minutes. But my point is this: Millions will stay on their couches to watch them stink up the field. USA! USA! USA! As for the game itself, I need Tampa Bay to win and both teams to score many points.

After a Sunday like that you may be looking for something kinda low key but nonetheless fun. If so, on Monday head down to the Office Spiritorium at the Strater Hotel where recovering Nashvillian Sand Sheff holds court from 6:30 to 10 p.m. and puts on a one-man show that’s worth seeing. He feeds off requests, which means he knows a ton of songs, plus he is a great guitar player. If you go, ask him to do Ray Wiley Hubbard’s “Up Against the Wall Redneck Mothers” – that’ll get the party started.

If your idea of fun is hanging around a bunch of men in skirts as they eat sheep guts, the fifth annual “Robert Burns Night” is just for you. Robert Burns Night happens this Saturday at the VFW at 14th Street and Main. This “Irish extravaganza” will feature the aforementioned kilts and haggis, plus readings of Burns poetry, bagpipes and, of course, a cash bar. Burns is largely considered the rock star of the 19th century Scottish poetry scene, and I’m sure event-goers will create an event befitting a man of that reputation. I’m not sure why this is being billed as an “Irish extravaganza” when most of the above seems to be Scottish, but I’m probably just splitting hairs and risking taking a Dewar’s bottle upside my Irish head.

Also this Saturday, The Fallen Angel will be hosting a lingerie fashion show at Scoot ‘n Blues. The show starts around 9 p.m., the cover is just five bucks, and the evening will feature local gals modeling in their unmentionables. While mainly a guy thing, the nice young lady I spoke to at the Fallen Angel said this fashion show would be suitable for a date if the date wasn’t the “jealous type.” The event is being sponsored by Planned Parenthood, and while I’m tempted to make a few jokes about Planned Parenthood sponsoring a lingerie show, I’ll leave it to you to make up your own.

Next Thursday, Jan. 30, brings a very cool night of music to Storyville. Country rock legend BR549 will bring its peppy, often hilarious show to town. BR549 recently lost two members, including founding member Gary Bennet, but has hardly skipped a beat. The remaining members soon found two new members and are now in the midst of a three-month U.S. tour. Huge fans also may want to trek up to Telluride on Wednesday to see the band play the Sheridan Opera House and then come back for the next night at Storyville. I’ll pay for gas.

One of the great things about BR549 is it attracts both the older, more conservative country music lover as well as the straw hat wearin’ youngsters. Half the fun is watching the two groups warily eye one another. Anyone who caught the show at the San Juan Room last year knows what I mean. Tickets are $15 in advance; $20 the day of, but this show will sell out soon.

This Week’s Sign the End is Near: Who told Arsenio Hall that it’s alright to come out of seclusion? Just when all of America had gotten all that asinine whooping and fist pumping out of its collective consciousness, Hall made his comeback hosting the recently revived “Star Search.” In and of itself, that’s fine, since nobody watches that crap. But since no one is watching, Hall is making the talk show circuit and being featured on my favorite channel, VH1, all the time. If Comedy Central starts re-running episodes of his talk show I swear I’ll pull an Elvis on my TV set.

This Week’s Album You Can’t Live Without: Some albums require multiple listenings before their greatness can sink in. Such is the case with Richard Buckner’s latest, “Impasse.” On first listen, “Impasse” comes across as a harmless collection of dark folk-rock numbers. Give it a few listens though, and songs like “Loaded at the Wrong Door” and “Born Into Giving it Up” prove to be incredible rock gems that are both deeply personal and accessible. In fact, the latter is the best single song I’ve heard in months.

Everything about “Impasse” is understated. Capital letters are used nowhere in the album’s artwork, drums are used only when necessary, and there is nary a guitar solo to be heard. Buckner prefers instead to let the songs stand on their own. A wide array of guitars in a wide array of tunings (all played by Buckner) match Buckner’s throaty vocal delivery to create an album’s worth of material you will grow to love.

Next Week: The Snowdown Lowdown.

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