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Yet another piece of fan mail

Dear Editor:

After reading several copies of your paper, it is apparent that Missy Votel’s time at the Herald has rubbed off on her.

The Telegraph is another Herald “rag” knock off. I had hoped that Missy would have had more integrity and less tabloid journalism in her veins. Maybe she could try using toilet paper to print this paper on, otherwise it’s a waste of a good tree.

Christin Lacey

A political advertising pattern

To the editor:

If you have turned on your TV, listened to the radio, read a newspaper, answered your phone or picked up your mail anytime in the last two or three months, then you have been subjected to the deluge of political advertising that has been spewing forth from every direction.

The amazing part of this is that the least expensive advertising medium being used, i.e. newspapers, seemed to be the most informative. If you were interested in making an intelligent decision you could sit down and find most of the information you needed, you could do it when you felt like it and when you were receptive to the information. On the other hand, the most expensive advertising, i.e. television, contained the least information, was the most annoying and came blasting at you again, and again and again, when all you’re trying to do is watch the weather report.

Thankfully, now that the election is over, we can get back to the normal rash of repetitive, moronic commercials about fast food, constipation and diarrhea medications. Hey 85 I think I may have inadvertently hit on a pattern here, hmmm.

– D. Bryce Finn




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