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Give peace a chance

To the editors,
Please let your readers be aware of the peace rally and march against the war in Iraq. It takes place this Saturday (10/26) at noon at Rotary Park, with a march down Main Avenue at 1:30 p.m.
I in no way endorse (or want) any action against Iraq and will not vote for any candidate/politician who is for it. The personal agenda of CEO George W. Bush, and the rest of the oil company in the White House, must be stopped. It’s a shame that the people of the United States’ democratically elected representatives have made a choice to forego their constituencies’ voices and are following the personal agenda of George W. Bush. Let’s make sure our voices are heard this weekend, on Nov. 5 and during the next presidential election.
I hope our leaders and those who support this war (for the record: McInnis and Campbell voted for the war) are able to sleep soundly when innocent Americans are fighting a war that no one wants. In addition, our leaders should be extremely ashamed of themselves using Sept. 11 as a rally call.
It’s time to get off your couches and do something. Don’t sit back idly and let it happen. We can make a difference. Remember: 1) If you don’t vote (and speak up), you can’t complain; and 2) Vote with your conscience, not with your fears!

– David Weingarden




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