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In this regular feature of The Telegraph, we look at Durango fashion trends, both innovative and, well...let's just say, unusual.

1) . This week, our intrepid eye on Durango fashion breaks new ground with a movement known as sympathy wear. These little accents are for those who are looking to be eye catching but also in need of a tender word. Note the very realistic walking cast which carries a fairly hefty retail price and is available in a variety of colors and styles. The crutches in the background are somewhat more reasonably priced but require some skill on the part of the user, particularly when not accompanied by one of the trademark casts, slings or neck braces.
2) Our second fashion file also looks at efforts to attract attention. The recent car makeover has taken an everyday Yugo and transformed it into the Love Bug. Note how the rear seat folds down to form a full-sized mattress. You fashion devotees with good eyes will also note the empty can of Colt 45, which apparently was downed prior to last night’s revelry. We highly recommend the Love Bug conversion for the Chevy Galaxy, which will give you and your malt liquor a dreamy night sky view.




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