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Don’t sell out
Dear Editors:
Great job on the new rag! It’s nice to finally see an informative weekly that focuses on what is really up in Durango. Your calendar section is fantastic! Keep up the great work and PLEASE don’t sell out to any larger newspapers!!!

– David Weingarden,
via e-mail

Roland goes to big river in sky
To everyone,
On the evening of Sept. 7, our dog, Roland, was killed by a car in Durango near Santa Rita Park. Undoubtedly he was on his way to the river where he could find peace from the thunder that had him on the run. The person who struck him did not stop and did not report the incident. As a result, he lay in a hidden spot while we spent almost three weeks searching and worrying and wondering. He has finally been found, and the mystery solved. We would like to thank everyone who helped us search and those who called with well wishes. It was amazing to see so much support. Roland was well known and loved his job as the Flexible Flyers Rafting dog. He never met anyone he didn’t like. So thanks to the Durango Telegraph, local radio stations, and the establishments that posted our advertisements, thanks again to you who helped look, and thank you especially to Tanya and the Humane Society for your assistance and your compassion through our ordeal.

– Sincerely,
Robin Fritch and
Stephen Saltsman





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