Loverboy, Know and Win, and the Big League

Singer-songwriter Todd Snider plays the Durango Arts Center tonight. Welcome to “The Goods,” the weekly entertainment column that claims to know what’s happenin’ and what’s not so happenin’. I scour the town and surrounding area for fun-time ideas so you don’t have to. You can thank me later.

The big entertainment event of the week happens tonight, the 26th, at the Durango Arts Center.

Singer/Songwriter Todd Snider will perform there at 8 p.m. His latest release on Oh Boy Records, “New Connection,” is a folky affair with a great, if sometimes subtle, sense of humor. My first experience with Snider was a song called “Talkin’ Seattle Grunge Blues,” a number that gently poked fun at flannel wearin’, coffee drinkin’, freaks up north (a group I once lumped myself into). The song got a ton of radio air play for about two weeks, and while I doubt it earned him droves of new fans, it did make one out of me. I’ve followed his career ever since, and whether he’s rocking out (“Viva Satellite”) or playing melancholy folk (“Glad to be Here”), his songwriting is top notch, personal, wry and often comical. Plus, he’s a darn good guitar player.

This is a Durango Society of Performing Arts event, so that means no smoking, but I can overlook that in the name of seeing a good show. Call the Durango Arts Center for ticket information.

Get out your Spandex pants and tease up your hair for a trip to the Journal Pavilion in Albuquerque to see VH1 Presents (try not to laugh now) Loverboy, Eddie Money and Survivor. Since I heard about this mega-event, I’ve been asking everyone I know to name three Loverboy or Eddie Money songs or even two Survivor songs. With rare exception, no one can. I always thought these rock revival tours were about nostalgia, but I must be wrong, since there’s absolutely nothing to remember about these three acts.

Hearing “Eye of the Tiger” should by no means take you back to your first kiss. Oh, a show like this fills my head with questions, like: Who headlines this blockbuster? Will they end the show with an all-star jam? And, most importantly, who pays upwards of $35 to go to a show like this? I realize that much of what VH1 does is tongue in cheek (they recently presented viewers with a video diary of ex-Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s summer) but this is plain silly. The big show is tonight (the 26th) and if you are planning to go, I saw Aqua-net on sale at Rite-aid. can give you all the details you might need.

Public Enemy is in da house, ya’ll!!! OK, not really, but they are at least in the state. On Oct. 2 the greatest rap group ever plays at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver. Chuck D, Flava Flav and Terminator X are back together, (new album: “Revolverloution”) and will, I’m sure, deliver a loud, angry show you can dance to. I’ve always said that Public Enemy’s music is as much punk rock as it is rap: a fast, defiant wall of sound that offends some people. If you never got to see a Public Enemy show and are at all interested, you should make the trek, this may well be your last chance.

Public Enemy stands the test of time and makes today’s superstar rappers (Eminem, Puff Daddy or P. Diddy) pale in comparison.

If you are at all like me, you got out of bed last Tuesday morning and hastily tuned your radio to KDUR (91.9 and 93.9) in order to hear the “Useless Information Show” followed by the “Know and Win” show only to find that it wasn’t there. Again, if you are at all like me, you spent the morning throwing rocks at passing cars to vent your frustration. Fret no longer, though, for it seems that Ted and Bryant have simply moved their big music and trivia program to Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. It’s one of the most entertaining programs on any radio station in the Four Corners, even if those guys know way too much about ’70s TV sitcoms.

All this live music and radio is well and good, but the real entertainment starts Tuesday with the beginning of the Major League baseball playoffs.

Now, I realize that many of you are disgusted with the “overpaid crybabies” that play pro baseball and wanted to have a strike over millions of dollars. Believe me, I was right there with you. I was ready to walk away from the game for good had the strike actually happened. But it didn’t, and now the third-greatest sporting event can happen. (The NCAA’s March Madness and Super Bowl are the other two.)

This season’s fall classic is shaping up to be a good one, even though there is the possibility of yet another Braves/Yankees matchup. That won’t happen though, neither team is good enough to get out of their respective leagues. Buy yourself some Colorado Kool Aid, make some nachos and watch what I think will be the best post season in a long time. My World Series prediction? The Oakland A’s beat the St. Louis Cardinals in six games.

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