Fort Lewis College's Housing, Student Life Center, and Student Activites commitees targeted active users of the Student Life Center - particularly those with an abundance of school spirit, thirst for humiliation and iron stomachs - for the first-ever "FLC Fear Factor," held Saturday, Sept. 13. Modeled after the like-named pseudo-reality show on NBC, the event captivated and disturbed all participants (whether active of just spectating). Contestants put their physical and mental endurance to the test - not to mention their wit and ability to suppress their gag reflex. When it was all over, one lucky student went home with a new DVD player, the respect of his competitors and a new-found appreciation for the school's meal plan.

(mouse over photos for captions)

Ali Wizer, center, gasps as she and Stevanna Chavez, left, and Tony Miles, standing, get a look at the evening's dinner offerings, unveiled by Cristi Floyd, catering director for FLC's food service provider, Sodexho: Unflavored snails, tripe with boiled cow stomach, and liver in a puddle of congealed blood.

Past the lips and over the gums: Jonathan Hursh uses the just-cram-it-down approach during the eating contest.

Just three minutes to the top.  Pablo Ramos makes a valiant effort.

To "Find the key then unlock the bicycle lock" was to be her mission.  Finalist Tracy Bedard completes part one of the mission.

No thanks, I'll pass:  Kimberly Rathman shudders as a competitor chokes down his rations.College Union Building guy and SPOT advisor Brian Kennedy uses some lettuce as a barrier to pick up some of the spilled muck.

Ready for war: Climbing guru Josh Kling stands prepared.

Student Life Center climbing wall supervisor Josh Kling belays during Fear Factor contestant Doug Lamdells' three minutes on the wall.





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