This Week's Diver-Steve Morris from Homeslice Pizza

Years in the industry-Unknown

Featured talents-Capable of spewing advice, cleaning dishes and making pizza dough, all at the same time

Dear Diver,
What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

– A dissatisfied

Dear dissatisfied American,
Is there anything funny about it?

– the Diver

Dear Diver,
Is it OK to give in to peer pressure if it means more people will like me? There is a girl I like who wants me to try smoking, and if I do she will probably think I am cooler. I know this sounds shallow, and television tells me peer pressure is wrong, but this girl is awfully cute.

– your typical
teen-age boy

Dear teen-age boy,
I would pretend you’re a smoker until she really likes you. Then pretend you want to quit, together. That will strengthen the bond in the relationship.

– Good luck,

Dear Diver,
Is it fair that some professional athletes are above the law? I mean, Allen Iverson sometimes really pushes it.

– George McCain,
Durango, via email

No, it is not fair. In fact, I think they should be treated below the law.

– Yours in justice,


Steve from Cuckoos taking a strong position on dishes.

Got a dirty little secret?
Looking for guidance to remedy a sticky situation?

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Dear Diver,
Are the questions you receive real or are they made up by the creative forces that work for your paper? Sometimes I think they are all written by the same guy. Please answer, and be honest.

– Tracy Garner,
Gem Village

Some of the questions may seem unrealistic, perhaps. But clearly question No. 2 displays the authenticity, thought and caring that goes into real questions.

– Thanks for writing,

Dear Diver,
Is MTV a credible source for music information or are they just pushing garbage to uninformed consumers?

– Jim Casem,

MTV is definitely credible. I never would have known Big E. Smalls killed Tupac Shakur if I hadn’t watched MTV.

– Good luck
and keep watching,




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